Spa Supplies – Everything You Need to Enjoy Your Hot Tub


By choosing the appropriate hot tub supplies, you can create the ultimate soaking experience for years. Our comprehensive collection includes everything you need to sanitize, balance, test, and improve your water.

Holding onto these essential supplies will help prevent costly repairs in the future and can also come in handy from time to time. In addition, consider investing in some additional options that might prove useful from time to time.

Chemicals and Water Treatment Products

Holding the appropriate hot tub chemicals on hand is essential for keeping your water clean and safe for soaking. A sanitizer like chlorine will be necessary to combat bacteria growth while simultaneously balancing pH levels in your tub’s environment. In addition, be sure to include a water testing kit so you can track chemical content on an ongoing basis.

Mineral sticks and cartridges, which claim to produce ions through a catalytic process that alkalinizes water, should also be in your inventory. A skimmer net and vacuum will help you keep your spa free from debris accumulation.

Depending upon your water quality, additional chemicals may be needed such as calcium hardness increasers or decreasers, pH level raisers/decreasers, or alkalinity enhancers/decreasers. A Clarksville, IN spa supplies company can help guide you toward the chemicals you will need for your specific water challenges.  Plus, they will have kits that include all basic supplies needed to start up or maintain an existing hot tub.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies, like hot tub cleaner for solid surfaces and cover cleaner for vinyl covers, can help your spa remain in pristine condition. These heavy-duty cleaners typically come in the form of spray bottles with easy wiping action or buckets for more thorough scrubbing applications.

An oxidizer or clarifier water treatment product helps combat organic matter that builds up in the water, such as skin oils released during bathing sessions. A sponge or tennis ball can also help absorb these oils before they reach the bottom of your pool.

Hot Tub Covers and Accessories

A quality hot tub cover protects your water from elements like rain, snow, dirt, and debris that could otherwise enter and clog filters or create chemical imbalances in the hot tub. In addition, its insulation properties prevent heat loss while cutting energy costs.

Experts advise choosing an insulated, mildew, and mold-resistant cover constructed from materials with UV protectant to guard against the sun’s harmful rays aging the cover over time. You can click here to learn more about UV rays.

As well as insulation, a quality hot tub cover should feature a lockable mechanism to keep children and pets away from the spa. Some covers can be customized for a precise fit while others feature drawstrings and buckle straps to help secure it in place.

Entertainment Options

Your hot tub isn’t just meant to provide restful relaxation; it can also serve as a fun gathering spot with family and friends. Grill out food to feed everyone or have outdoor games like cornhole available for them to play.

Have a portable entertainment setup with a television mount and you can host movie nights at your backyard spa! Set up your projector and screen to enjoy classic films or the latest releases with your family. Serve popcorn as well as movie snacks during this fun family activity!

Add some dance music to your backyard spa party with a floating speaker that connects easily to your smartphone, or turn down the volume for quieter soaking with audiobooks or podcasts from your hot tub. 

Soft lighting such as string or fairy lights around your spa may create an inviting ambiance, while some home spas even come equipped with built-in LED options that create a relaxing soaking experience. You can click the link: to learn more about LED lighting.

Safety Equipment

There is a range of equipment that can make hot tub use safer and more enjoyable, from privacy screens and cover locks to leak sealants that stop any potential leaks immediately once they form.

Other pieces of safety equipment can also help you keep the water chemistry of your hot tub in check. A water tester kit should be an essential piece of kit for every hot tub owner, helping monitor pH levels and other key indicators of quality water in their spa. This is essential to the comfort and safety of your spa.

Other safety features are equally essential if you plan to have children or pets around your hot tub, such as alarms and pool fences to detect any water intrusion; in addition, pool vacuums provide fast service between water changes to clean underwater surfaces quickly while preventing slippery buildup on shell surfaces, as well as floating oxidizers which absorb organic oils that float in waterline while helping balance your chemistry balance.

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